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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Answer for Background Score - 19

This piece is from Chandramukhi. Score is by Vidhyasagar. Overall a decent background score with live orchestral pieces used throughout. This piece is used in the title sequence when Rajini reads some books in a library to know about the legend of palace. In the OST released with background score pieces from Chandramukhi, you can find the track name of this piece as 'The hidden Legend'.


Vijay Kumar said...

Interesting. I saw the movie once but I did not notice the grand orchestra as found in this piece. It probably came early on in this movie when I was still trying to explain Rajini hysteria to my north-bred wife :)

Good find - as always.

V said...

Vidyasagar is trying to bring that Raaja kind of blend to his songs and BGM - and his attempts are quite decent.

Yes good BGM.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vidhyasagar - He is sincerely trying to be as good as IR in his BGM's and it is a good thing. Even in one of the recent interviews about 'Pirivom Santhipom' he spoke more about the background score than the songs.